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This house is unique amongst Indo-Portuguese house types, where the structure of the palace shows an adaptation to Indian customs.

The chapel, at the entrance, reminds one of a Hindu altar. The rear of the house highlights another aspect linked to the Hindu vasary.

Starting from a gallery -veranda, there is another, extending perpendicularly over the garden. So that, even though the vasary form is present in the house, it melts into this much more complex layout, which was designed for leisure hours and which presently serves as a restaurant.


Historical house
a heritage house with a difference -where visitors can explore the house and garden, learn more about the history of Goa, make use of the facilities in the house, relax, read books from the library, play draughts/carom/chess in the games room or chat with their Goan hosts.
the library, though with only a small collection, has interesting and rare books on Goan history, arts and crafts and theology
A wonderfully located eating area on the belvedere, where Indo-Portuguese cuisine, vegetarian and non-vegetarian food is served.
Cultural event space
the design of the house and garden its spaciousness and the loggia and amphitheatre make ideal locations for hosting cultural events.
2 acres of lush tropical leisure gardens
Rows of stone vases, a pond, stone ornaments, garden seats, tropical gardens, a waterfall and the river are all part of the famed gardens of the Palácio


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